Pratithi Organic

Small ways in which we help farmers

Environment Day CSR Activities

  • We oath to plant 0.1 million (100,000 trees) with our farmer family
  • We help farmers select the best and most fertile site for cultivation of nursery beds
  • We help farmers with the preparation of nursery beds, soil, poly bags with soil for seeding, and many more activities
  • We help farmers select various mature seeds for developing diversified plantations with fruit plants (pomegranate, Lemon, Papaya etc), perennial trees, herbal trees (Moringa plants), forest trees, medicinal trees etc.
  • We advise farmers and provide them with necessary information about the care & aftercare of the nursery plants

Women Empowerment CSR Activities

  • We encourage participation of women volunteers or workers for our projects
  • We encouraged women to participate in the mask-making activity during the pandemic and distributed the profits among them

Energy saving CSR Activities

  • We distributed pressure cookers to help them save fuelwood, reduce cooking time, better health, better hygiene, and more family time due to quick-cooking.

Building a better world

We respect our soil as it is a living body and a source of quality organic produce. We never treat soil as a factory to stress with more production with more inputs. We work with our farmers to preserve natural resources like soil, water, air, organic matter, etc. to optimize our production. We always treat our farmers with fair dealings to ensure their long-term alliance and sustainable socio-economic development.

Vocal For Local

We chose to go local, and are greatly vocal about it!
Forming an unbreakable alliance with the farmers from rural areas, we further nourish the #VocalForLocal movement by providing growth opportunities for them. Buying from us will help strengthen our farmer’s community, provide them with the latest farming technologies, support their families and provide relief during the pandemic.

Women's Upliftment in Rural Areas

Through our practices and projects, we promote and ensure gender equality. We empower rural women by giving them productive employment. From employing them on the field to mask-making and nursery beds, we provide them with facilities where they enjoy taking initiative and get things done!

Rural Development

Our organic farming practices provide rural development benefits through enhanced employment, closer connections with the local economy, and reconnecting consumers with farmers.

Social Growth

Food quality and safety are the two important factors that have gained ever-increasing attention in general consumers. Owing to our vision of becoming a healthier nation, we supply only nutritious, healthy, safe, premium, and tasty organic products.

Child Labour

We are strictly against child labour. All our farming operations, processing activities, and trading never involves any child labour.

Gender Equality

All our farmers and workers in the rural community and all our operations, treat both women and men with equality and as per the existing government labour law