Pratithi Organic

Our Mission

  • Become the best Organic Farming brand
  • Bridge the gap between farmers and consumers and provide our consumers with farm-fresh produce.
  • Empowering them with the latest farming techniques to produce better quality crops

Our Vision

  • Our vision is created with an indestructible determination and towering ambition to provide a better way of sustenance for the farmers and making them a victor for their hard work.
  • Redirect the society towards organic living and help them make a conscious and environmentally-first choice

Our Values

We respect our soil as the Mother Earth which is a living body, the source of quality organic produce. We never treat soil as a factory to stress with more production with more inputs. We work with our farmers to preserve the natural resources like soil, water, air, organic matter etc. to optimize the production. We always treat our farmers with fair dealings to ensure their long term and sustainable socio-economic development. All our farming operation, processing activities and trading never involves any child labour. All our farmers and workers in the rural community and in all our operations, treat both women and men with equality and as per the existing government labour law.