Pratithi Organic

We are Pratithi Organic

We are one of India’s best Organic Food brands, committed to organic food excellence. Established on the grounds of wellness, farm-first, and purity, we believe in the Principles of Mother Earth and Divine Nature which made it possible for the human being to survive and thrive in togetherness. We earnestly hope to support the Organic and Sustainable Movement of the world and have crafted our practices accordingly. We make sure our practices align with our farmers and provide necessary help in producing nutritious varieties of organic foods, the latest technological practices, organic fertilisers, and other monetary and non-monetary benefits.

Our founder and CEO, Mr. Tapan Ray, plays a pivotal role in the trajectory of growth in this sustainable agri-business industry, with his sheer determination, dynamism, and leadership. Having more than 25 years of experience in Organic Farming and Fair Trade Practices, he aims to make India one of the major destinations in the world for sourcing organic raw materials.

We grow the best organic produce with our committed farming family who nurtures perfected, age-old traditional farming methods of animal manure, crop rotation, etc. for crop production. We act as a bridge between farmers and consumers to deliver authentic organic products by processing raw farm produce in modern processing and packaging facilities. Make a better health choice and get fresh farm produce with rich nutrition only at Pratithi Organic Foods!

Our Organic Products Range

We believe in transforming the food industry into a healthy and sustainable socially responsible business.

Why Pratithi Organic?

We take care from the soil to the table to ensure only the best quality products reach you!
We are extremely dedicated to constantly building and maintaining our farmers family, by producing only premium organic products. When it comes to organic products, expectations are always high regarding the quality of the products. Our admiration towards clean, healthy, and premium foods guarantees customers the best quality and taste experience.