Heirloom Basmati Dehraduni Brown Rice

ORGANIC CULTURE® Heirloom Basmati Dehraduni Brown Rice comes from dedicated organic farmers group following organic food and fairtrade standards, nourished with pristine river water and nutrients from organic soil. Each grain of brown rice is naturally filled with essential nutrients minerals, vitamins, fibre; makes it as one of the healthiest choices of the entire family including DIABETIC. Use as boiled rice with ORGANIC CULTURE® Dals, also make Pulao, Pilaf etc.

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1. Our Pioneering works of over 20 years in organic has brought the finest quality authentic organic products direct from farms to consumers for their health and happiness

2. ORGANIC TRADITIONS® is made of crops from organic production grown without toxic chemicals and processed without artificial chemicals, preservatives and Irradiation.


Cooking Instruction:

Covered Pan Method – soak for 2 hours, drain out, add water 3.5 times of rice; cook in full flame till boiling starts; lower the flame, cover the pan, cook for 35 to 40 minutes. Remove from flame after the water is absorbed. Serve hot with Dal made from ORGANIC CULTURE® Lentils, Channa Dal, Mung Dal or make pulao etc.