Organic Chickpeas (Kabuli/Garbanzo Beans)

ORGANIC CULTURE® CHICKPEA is a rich source of vegetable protein, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber; comes from certified organic farms complying organic and fairtrade standards. Its natural freshness, purity, nutty taste and buttery texture makes it a good choice for daily use by the entire family as boiled bean mixed with salad, humus, falafels, curries, chana masala etc.

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Our Pioneering works of over 20 years in organic has brought the finest quality authentic organic products direct from farms to consumers for their health and happiness. ORGANIC TRADITIONS® comes from organic production with no toxic chemicals and processed without artificial chemicals, preservatives and Irradiation.


Cooking Method:

soak for 8-12 hours, drain out, add water 2 times; cook in a pressure cooker for a few minutes (remove after 4 to 6 whistles). In Covered Pan, cook for 35 to 45 min in low flame till chickpeas becomes tender. Use ORGANIC CULUTRE® and ORGANIC TRADITIONS® Spices to prepare Salad, Humus, Curries, Falafel etc.